Delia Gregg &Thomas Cameron

Delia Gregg &Thomas Cameron

2315 N 30th ST
Tacoma, WA 98403

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Real estate Brokers Delia Gregg and Thomas Cameron have worked together for close to five years and team just beautifully as they come from very different backgrounds and therefore complement each other in a way that will make a fit for any client. Both have worked with a wide variety of different people and cultures in their lives. Combining devotion, tenacity and knowledge with experience has ensured the team’s clients great success.                

With 15 years of experience in the Real Estate business and in the 18 years that she owned and operated her own company as a mortgage broker, Delia negotiated a great number of mortgage transactions between home owners, real estate firms and lending institutions. She has an understanding and an attention to detail that ensures the best possible result for everybody involved. Working with a wide range of clients, companies and real estate, she not only knows the market inside and out, but her exceptional negotiation skills and her personal attention to the situation at hand make her exceed her clients’ expectations every time. Delia is passionate about providing her clients with the first-class service they deserve and will not tire until she has achieved the positive outcome she pictured when first going into the business.

Just like his partner Delia, Thomas is completely devoted to his work and follows through with things to the very end. He is always available, effortlessly finds solutions to seemingly every problem and his leadership qualities make it easy for his clients to rely on him to navigate them through the process. Known for his passion and deep understanding of design, art and his multiple years in the Fashion industry, Thomas has a great sense of what works together and what does not. This not only makes him a most wonderful chat about those and other topics, because he is interested in so many different things and has a unique way of seeing outside the box. It also gives him an educated insight as a very client-oriented realtor. Honest and open at all times, he gets a quick understanding of his clients’ visions and accommodates them accordingly.